Nazarene Youth International

"Nazarene Youth International exists to attract, equip, and empower young people for service in the kingdom of God and to facilitate their integration into the Church of the Nazarene." The Eastern Kentucky District NYI joins in that mission, as we reach out to the teens and leaders across the district. Christ is the central of who we are, the word of God is our authoritative source for all we do, and holiness is our pattern for life. Being a part of the EKD NYI is a life changing experience for both students and adults What better way to grow in our relationship with Christ than with our fellow friends from our district! Our NYI team strives to help students find that identity in Christ and Christ alone! Our students are inspiring, as they lift each other up and grow together in this time of life, a time of finding their identity and who they are. 

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Upcoming Events:


Fall Retreat- September 27-29

 Join us in Ravenna, KY!

Cost: Before Sep. 1st : Student $65 Adult $45 After Sep. 1st : Student $75 Adult $55

Registration Form:

Registration starts at 8:00pm, please be there no later than 9:00pm

This Year’s Focus: Appalacian Reach Out with Speaker and Friend Rev, Dwayne Mills


Sonfest 2019 @ MVNU Go to for more information!

Tickets Online: Group of 10+ $20, less than 10 $25

Tickets at the door: $30